Nymavu | 4


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Nymavu | 4
Nymavu | 4
Nymavu | 4
Soothing to the senses, this rich combination of Australian Eucalyptus and American spearmint, the best of both worlds, has a relaxing effect.
Catapulting you into an amazing sensation of calmness, it envelops your space in its invigorating aromas, and like a subtle but cool breeze, it surrounds your space with a tranquil vibe that gives clarity.
Specially crafted to give a therapeutic touch, its aromas are enhanced with smooth notes of citrus and peppermint, with a long burn time that ensures a refreshing atmosphere.
Eucalyptus + spearmint + peppermint
Relaxing, calming, clear
More to Love:
• Made with Premium Quality Soy Wax
• Wooden Wicks that Burn Bright
• 60+ Hour Burn Time
• Available In 4oz Travel Tins, 10oz, Ans 14oz Matte Black Jars