Nymavu | 1951


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Nymavu | 1951
Nymavu | 1951
Nymavu | 1951
Let your dwelling come alive with an ambiance that instills goodness with this exceptionally scented candle. A must-have, it throws notes of delightful fragrances of sandalwood, japanese grapefruit and bergamot, a refreshing tincture that inspires confidence.
One of our signature scents blended to perfection, its rich notes of tonka beans and cedar creates a perfect nuance of enriched aromas, turning your space into a refreshingly vibrant abode that will soothe your senses.
A unisex scent that evokes sensuality and coziness akin to the breezes of a beautiful, enchanted stream, the scents fill the room with a warm embrace, making you experience comfort as you relax.
Suave and sexy, our 1951 candles are what you need!
Japanese grapefruit + Sandalwood  + Bergamot 
Confident + Cozy + Sexy
More to Love:
• Made with Premium Soy Wax
• Wooden Wicks That Burn Efficiency
• 60+ Hour Burn Time
• Available In 4oz Travel Size Tin, 10oz, And 14oz Matte Black Jar